He Family’s Guide to STDs

Jul 08 2014

Few things can be as detrimental to both your physical and mental health as getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease can.  Not only does it significantly reduce your ability to have children if left untreated, as well as an entire host of other negative physical side effects which we will get into… it also the horrible consequence of causing issues with one’s self confidence.  To find out more about std testing in orange county visit http://localstdtest.net.  Disease (not just sexually transmitted ones) has the dual affect of not only negatively effecting the body, but the mind as well.  Constantly thinking about the fact that you have a disease can slow individuals down in social situations and stop them from being as out going as they would be otherwise with members of the opposite sex.  Only a sufferer of herpes can relate to the horror of having to tell a possible future loved one about your disease, only to see them walk away and out of your life forever.  If you would rather spend the rest of your life with that special someone and not see them walking out of it forever, you should take heed to the warnings of ‘always use protection’ and do whatever you can in your power to avoid getting infected with a sexually transmitted infection or disease.

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Because of the fact that most STD prevention articles talk about what you can and can’t do to avoid STDs, we will instead focus on the physical aspect of what to do once you have been infected.  Often times suffers of diseases can find solice in meditation and peaceful relaxation.  Even though the body has been infected with a disease or virus, the brain and mind don’t have to fall prey to the same punishment.  Keep your mind strong by focusing on the positives and the benefits in your life; not on the negatives.  If you are lucky enough to get one of the diseases that can be treated within a week or two, take that as a warning from the universe that you should probably stop doing what you are doing and begin to listen to others when they tell you to USE A CONDOM OR PROTECTION EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SLEEP WITH SOMEONE.  It literally cannot be stated enough times, because apparently the disease infection rate in the world is increasing almost as quickly as our population is — and perhaps for good reason — perhaps sexually transmitted diseases are a looming mechanism of mother nature to keep the population of the earth down.  We all know that over the past few hundred years the growth of mankind has put a huge stress on the earth. The earth is a natural system and natural systems have built in mechanisms for protecting themselves when they feel that their livelyhood is threatened.  Nothing could be more threatening to the livelihood of the earth than massive human expansion, having sex everywhere they go.  And what better way to ‘nip the problem in the bud’ than to inject some sort of fatal disease at the very root of our existence: sexual intercourse.

If you only sleep with one person, you reduce your risk of contact with STDs significantly, but without doing so you are at risk and should get to the nearest clinic as quickly as possible.


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